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Rus is a game for 4 players, based on the popular system used in Britannia (TAHGC)* and Hispania (AWE)*. Each player guides 8 groups over the course of 1700 years of Russian history, from the demise of the Scythians to the death of Ivan the Terrible. Players lead the Huns, Goths, Mongols, and other groups that ravaged ancient and medieval Russia. The great city-states of Kiev, Novgorod, and Moscow will rise and fall. Alexander Nevsky will battle the Teutonic Knights, the Vikings will sack cities and make epic journeys, and the Mongols will destroy all in their path ...

Rus' contains:

421 Counters (Iconographic, 5/8 inch, full color)
17 x 22 inch map (Parchment paper, b&w, in two sections)
32 Nation Cards
Turn Record Track
4 Player Charts (backprinted)
2 Victory Point Record Sheets


*Disclaimer: Britannia and Hispania are registered trademarks of other companies, and are in no way associated with Simulations Workshop.