Safe Return Doubtful
Safe Return Doubtful

A game simulating Arctic exploration and the race for the North Pole in the years 1845-1910. Players choose an explorer, ship, and crew, and outfit their expedition. Terrain cards take the place of a map, so each expedition encounters variable terrain on their journey north. Once the ice is reached, they proceed on foot or by sled as far as they dare, limited by bad food, weather, crevasses, scurvy, deep snow, and mutiny. Due to the "you against the elements" nature of the expeditions, player interaction is minimized, making for an excellent solitaire game. Three solitaire scenarios are included, as well as the 2 to 5 player competition game that includes disaster card play and newspaper attacks on your opponents. Rulesbook, 195 cards, player aid charts, and expedition log sheets are included. Will you reach the pole and return ahead of Peary, or end up icebound and abandoned like Franklin? $10.00

What the reviewers said:

"The theme this time is the race for the North Pole, and what a game it is."
"The race format is excellent (it uses lines of latitude as spaces) and the excitement, suspense, and frustration is palpable."
"...this is a marvellous romp. And it is fast. In truth, I haven't had this much fun at the gaming table in ages."

--Mike Siggins in SUMO no.30